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"Utterly hair raising in all its gory glory."

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What will you do when they come for your children?

A brand new five-part vampire dystopian series.




Struggling to control her newfound bloodlust, Thea is taken to a secluded farmhouse by Kate, an experienced vampire with a dark past.

Eyes On You - A Ghost Story

Having found the perfect flat, Matthew and Aimee settle into their new home. But something hideous resides within its walls...

Thea - A Vampire Story

Vampires are real - hidden among us, concealing their lust for human blood. But monsters come in many forms...

Burn The Dead - Riot (Book 3)

A sold-out stadium. A virus unleashed. For 17-year-old Alfie Button, today was always going to be a memorable day...

Burn The Dead - Purge (Book 2)

There are those who run, while others hide. And then, there are the Cleaners...

Burn The Dead - Quarantine (Book 1)

It’s a dirty job - but someone’s got to do it. Robert Stephenson burns zombies for a living...

Rotten Bodies

We all fear death’s dark spectre, but in a zombie apocalypse, dying is a privilege reserved for the lucky few...

Fourteen Days

Did he just imagine those footsteps? The smoke alarm shrieking? The dead woman in his kitchen...


This horror collection of eight stories go beyond the realm of terror to an entirely different kind of creepiness...